Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

This year the Fandango Endurance Ride had better weather and more riders than last year. The weather was perfect for riders and the horses with little rain on Sunday and temperatures in the 70's. Overall a nice three days. Again, the club was welcomed by the riders and we provided a safety net for them. On Sunday, we had two riders take a wrong fork in the trail. After wondering where they were, we figured they probably crossed the highway at a wrong road crossing and we sent Mike, KC5KKY, to check the road crossing. Like a Western Scout, he was able to find two sets of hoof prints and verify they did cross at the wrong place. They were eventually found by the wandering photographer, Steve, KD7VXJ. He verified they were safe and headed for the Vet Check at the Sierra del Rio Ranch.

On Saturday, Craig, KD5ODQ, and John, WB4YJT, compare notes at a water tank.

Three riders heading for the water tank on Saturday.

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