Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

This year John, KD7HGS, decided to operate totally from battery and solar power. While not hundred percent successful, he did operate all day Saturday and a little bit on Sunday from the battery/solar panel setup. 

For the past several years Bob, W7RLS, has operated on battery/solar power. His goal is to get a larger, more effecient solar panel setup and be able to keep his battery fully charged so he can use it at night.


John, KD7HGS, helping Craid, KD5ODQ, to connect to the scoring computer.

 John, KD7HGS, with his setup. Notice the extra monitor running on 12 volts and a second radio belonging to Mike, K7SKE. He was running two radios, a laptop computer, and an extra monitor for scoring. No wonder his batteries didn't last all weekend.

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