Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Field Day for 2014 was held at Three Island State Park. It is a beautiful site and it was decided to hold next year's Field Day in the same place. Unfortantely only four campers where there: Bob, W7RLS, Bill,KD7FDW, John, KJ7YY, and Deb, KE7TMF, and John, KD7HGS. Jayson, KD7LWR, and Nicole, KE7UTG, with Emmett, flew down from Cladwell for the Day. We tried to make satellite contacts but were unsuccessful for the second year in a row. The band conditions were bad and few contacts weere made. But we had fun, enjoyed good company and good food.  

Bill, John, Deb, and Bob relaxing Friday evening after dinner. Notice the small fire in the fire pit. We were informed a little later that Elmore county had institued a county wide burn ban and were told we couldn't have a fire. So we had plenty of wood to bring back home to use again.

This year we decided to use popup canopies instead of the big tent. It worked well and was a whole lot easier to set up. Here Bill and Deb are working on the sides of the canopies prior to bringing in tables and equipment.


Below: Bob, W7RLS, using his FT 817 QRP Rig to make conctacts. He really liked the radio and made many excellent contacts with it.

Above: Bill, KD7FDW, using an Elecraft KX3 Transciever.

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