Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

On May 3 - 4, several club members met at the Cottonwood Camp Ground at CJ Strike Reservior. Deb, KE7TMF, and John, KD7HGS, went down early on Wednesday, April 30, to do a little fishing and relaxation before the contest. To their surprise, the campground was about half full. Since this was the first nice weekend in the past month this didn't really surprise them, but when more camping and fishing rigs kept coming in they were surprised. They could not get our regular spot since there were campers in it so they picked out spot number 4 and put the Wrangler and Boat in spot number 5 for Bob. Before the weekend was over, the camp was full, as was Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, and every campground at CJ strike. It was a crowded weekend.


The club members there were Deb, KE7TMF, John, KD7HGS, Bob, W7RLS, Nancy, KF5WQJ, and Craig, KD5ODQ. The contest went well, over 102 contacts and a score of 8849 where made. All logging was done with logging software and we had no problems is using the software. It made summarizing the score and sending it in very easy.


It was, indeed a very crowded weekend. There was barely enough room to put up antennas, and they had to be pretty close together, which lead to some interferance issues...  :-)

Fortunately, we had a lot of space between RV spots and the Big Green Monster tent managed to fit itself comfortably between two trees. The bad part was that this spot had a lot of dust on the ground and led to a lot of dust in the tent. Real world field conditions for sure!

We were trying out some new logging software for this event and it took a little ingenuity to get it up and running. Here John,KD7HGS, and Craig,KD5ODQ are working out the bugs to get Craig's laptop on the in-tent network.

The software worked great. Each operator could see at a glance which band and mode the other operators were using, who was making each contact, check for duplicates and know what the total score was at any given moment.

   Here Bob, W7RLS, checks for a dupe before hitting up another new state for more multipliers.

John, KD7HGS, works digital DX using WinPSK and 100 watts out to an NVIS dipole antenna. Many DX contacts were made over the weekend on both phone and digital, boosting our score.

Remember the dust issue inside the tent? Look closely at the level surfaces and the walls of the tent.  :-)  ACHOO!

Craig, KD5ODQ, finally gete his network issues worked out and is happily making contacts in Italy and Russia using an IC-706 putting out 100 watts to an off-center fed dipole. Craig made the most DX contacts of the weekend.  a nice present because...

The QSO Party was also Craig's birthday party.


And may there be many more contacts out there for you!

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