Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

The Idaho QSO Party was March 9 - 10. We set up the tent Friday afternoon, installed tables, chairs, and place the radios so we could set them up Saturday morning before the contest started. During Friday night a storm came through with high winds. John had a wind guage inside his trailer and recorded winds in excess of 40 mph. The wind blew all day Saturday into Saturday night. Luckily we already had our antennas up and we were able to setup the radios and other gear we needed to get on the air at noon Saturday. The event went well with Bob working pileups and pileups. By noon Sunday, we had a claimed score of 10,455 points, the best we have ever done. Way to go Bob.  The wind died down early Sunday morning and we were able to pack up our equipment and the tent without any problems.


Bob, W7RLS, working 20 meters. This year he decided not to do the hunt and peck method of making contacts but stayed on one frequency and let the hunters come to him. He had over 94 contact and 36 states for the weekend. Plus several countries.

Every now and then you would see Bob remove his headset, take a drink of "Dew" or water and rest his ears.

John, KJ7YY, making a contact on 15 meters.



By the way, did you notice the layer of dust on everything in all the pictures? We did say it was windy, right? :-)

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