Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

The 2014 Idaho QSO Party was held March 8 - 9. At the same time, individuals across the state were working as W1AW/7 in honor of the ARRL's Centennial Birthday. John, KD7HGS, volunteered to work digital on 12 meters. Overall, the Idaho group had over 40,000 contacts on all the bands, including WARC bands. John's effort netted 323 contacts, the furthest one was in South Africa. Bob joined John at the Cottonwood Camp ground and worked the QSO Party. He netted 24 contacts but had lousy band noise to contend with. (using the FT-817 @ 5 watts didn't help much, either . He later changed to the IC-706 and had better luck.)

There were two campers for the weekend, Bob, W7RLS, and John, KD7HGS. Because of this and the fact the weather was rainy and windy, we decided to work out of John's trailer. John, WB4YJT, was the only visitor and joined us for about an hour. It was nice to see him there.


As mentioned earlier, John, KD7HGS, worked as W1AW/7 on 12 meters doing digital contacts.


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