Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Our second annual Tech Day was very successful. We had eight people working on small projects that needed to be done. They included building antennas, hooking up rascals and sigal links, getting a TNC to work with a radio, and checking out a QRP transciever. We started at 10 AM and were done at 3:00 PM. There was a lot of doughnuts , muffins, and coffee so no one was hungry during the day.

Craig, KD5ODQ, and Don, KC7U, setting up Craig's GO Box.

Don's, KC7U, HF GO Box. He has a Yeasu FT-817d transciever and an auto tuner in the box. A very nice setup.

Bob, W7RLS, and Craig, KD5ODQ, working on Craig's TNC for his GO  BOX. They finally had it working, the TNC talking to both the radio and the computer.

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