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I am just sending out an ALERT of some stolen radio gear that was taken from my shed on 09/14/2015  along with other lawn and garden tools.  The radio items were:


Heathkit Linear SB-220




Some identifying things to look for:

There is a call sign on the front.  I don’t remember the whole call but it is something like K7OF??   The above picture is from the internet to give the newer hams a picture of what it looks like.  I am trying to find the picture of when I had it setup in my ham shack in Utah and that would show me the call sign on the front.  The call sign is the person I bought it from.


It also has a 220v A.C. plug attached to it, the kind that you find on a clothes dryer.  

•I think they come standard with a 110v plug or a smaller 220v plug which is different from a clothes dryer.


Johnson Viking Kilowatt Match Box




Some identifying things to look for:

The only thing that I can think of at the moment is the big Transmit / Receive relay in the back left corner is missing.  There should be some empty bolt holes where it used to be.


If you know anyone trying to sell or has recently purchased either of the above items, on or after 09/14/2017, matching the above ID descriptions it might be stolen property.  I would ask that you   please call the Caldwell Police Department at 208-455-4725 and ask for Officer Andrew Heitzman or call me at the phone number at the header of this page.  THANK YOU

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