Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

For Winter Field Day, 2013, we were debating on setting up the tent at St. Alphonsis Hopital (used to be Mercy Medical Center) and working out of it. But the extremely cold temperatures and snow on the ground convinced the club to work inside at the Fire Training Center again this year. We didn't have a large turnout due to an ice storm Friday night but we did have fun and did make a few contacts. Craig made several over sea contacts on PSK31 and Jim had fun working the 20 repeater for some contacts as well. Our final score was 2138. As is our practice, we ran all radios, computers and router on a generator with no problems.

Craig, KD5ODQ, setting up the clubs HF radio prior to making an overseas digital contact to Japan. He is also working on his GO Box.

Bob's, W7RLS, GO Box and computer setup.

Steve's, WB7VEQ, winter day setup.

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