Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Despite the beauty of the City of Rocks, we were there to support the Endurance Ride. There were riders from all over the US plus a couple of riders from Canada. We had two away vet checks on Friday and three on Sunday. Plus, we had to have a team way north of the camp on the far end of a loop that climbed in elevation. The highest point on the trail was 8800 feet while base camp was at 5300 feet. There were several hills and valleys the riders had to go through. We were busy coordinating vets and the horse trailer serving as an ambulance to bring pulled horses back to camp, esp. on Sunday, the day of the 100 mile ride.

Below: Base Camp as seen from the road to Smokey Mt. Campground where the radio crew stayed.

 The next picture is the radio base. We had two radios setup, one for the 147.00 repeater and one for simplex. Believe it or not, in spite of the rugged landscape, we where able to use simplex from all of the ham locations on the trail.

Terri, KC5KKY, is relaying information back to base. Mike, KC5KKX, and Terri were located at the point north of the base camp at the beggining of a loop. There were at located at 8400 feet and played a very important role in making sure the riders and horses where okay. On Sunday they had to radio for a vet to come to their location to check out a horse.

The next picture shows some riders and horses taking a break and getting drinks.

Things got a little hectic at the vetchecks. There was a lot going on all around us. Sometimes people got lost in the confusion. Can you spot the "Radio Guy" in the picture below? (sorta like playing "where's Waldo" with hams.)

There he is. John, NO6Z, is wearing the orange 'radio guy' vest in the right center of the picture. He was a busy guy all weekend and we kinda wore him out. Yay John!     

Meanwhile, in other places, things were going a little more slowly...

Skittles for lunch at 8,000ft...

Mike, KC5KKX, checks a rider number against the starting list...

And then relays the information back to base camp that the rider passed the checkpoint safely.

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