Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

John, KD7HGS, was at a lonely water tank on Thursday. But it was an important location as the riders coming from the west had to go north and the riders coming from the vet check (east) had to go south. Confused? Some riders were and several started in the wrong direction. The view from the water tank was great.

Mike, KC5KKX, working the base station. During quiet times we were able to surf the net.

Officials having a conference before riders show up for a final vet check.

 Carol, a neighbor of the Teeters, running the timing clock for the riders at the Teeter Ranch. Carol's husband, Rick, and a friend, Dave, kept the water tanks filled with water, a service that was really appreciated by the riders.

Dr. Mike Foss, head Vet for the ride. 

Footnote: The club, K7SI, with help from other individuals, have supported several different rides for the last 10 years. The ride managers, usually Steph Teeter, and the riders, have really appreciated the support and showed their appreciation for us being there. Usually they would walk up to us and say thank you for being there. The AHA ride was managed by the AHA personnel and they also recognized the support we gave the riders. It gives the riders a since of security with hams being out there for them. We were informed that there will not be a Fandango for 2015 and very likely this was last ride from the Teeter Ranch for several years. We will miss doing the rides and hope they will start again in the near future. Thanks Steph and John for your hospitality. 

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