Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

          2017 Arabian Horse Association

                    Distance Nationals


After a break of several years we were asked to help with the Arabian Horse Association Distance Nationals in October. So, being who we are, we said yes and were ready to go to support the ride.

   On Thursday, Oct. 5 , we set up shop, so to speak, and were ready to help with communications. Everyone was glad we were there and we had a great time. There were three days of rides, Friday and Saturday, Oct 6 and 7, we had rides of 25 and 50 miles. On Sunday, we had a 100 mile ride as will as 50 and 35 mile rides.

   Several times during the day people would ask where so and so was and we could let them know if they had passed a certain vetcheck or point on the ride. The riders and their support personal really appreciate it. On Saturday morning a rider's horse tripped on a rock and fell, throwing the rider off and then rolling over her. Luckily she was on a two track and fell in a rut. We were able to get emergency personel to her and called life flight to pick her up. It was a rather sober reminder of our real reason for being there.


Above: The calm before the storm. The radio base station is behind the blue "Photos" banner in the upper right of the picture.

Above: The beginning of routine vetcheck chaos. Over the years we have figured out a method to cope with the madness. Jim, N7YJK (standing), and John, NO6Z (sitting) stick to the timekeeper like glue, relaying rider numbers, time in, and time out back to base.

Above: A rider trots out his horse so that the vet (behind the horse) can check its gait for signs of lameness. On Sunday, the winds and dust were nearly continuous.

Above: another rider trots out her horse for the vet. At this point of the 100 mile ride some of the riders were so stiff and sore that they had to ask others to trot their horses for them. It really is true that the riders take better care of their horses than they do themselves!

Above: the last remote vetcheck winds down and the Radio Guys take a well deserved break.  L to R: Jim, N7YJK, John, NO6Z, and Steve, WB7VEQ. Notice the layer of dust over everything? We did mention it was windy, didn't we?

Above: It was very windy all day Sunday, and the temps were just above freezing in the early morning hours. Here Bill, KD7FDW, sets up the checkpoint for the water stop farthest away from the ranch, just as the sun starts to peek over the horizon.

Above: The sun is just up as this rider approaches our remote water tank.

Below: As she was leaving, she asked us to take her picture in case she got missed by the ride photographer (she didn't). So, she gave us her phone, we took three pictures for her and used our own camera to take one for us.

Above: Radio Guys are already on the scene and set up when the sun comes up. Places and sights like the ones you've just seen are why we keep coming back year after year. We love this country and these people. Whenever they call we will always answer with an enthusiastic "YES!"

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