Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

As the saying goes "We're Back". We were invited back to help with the 2017 Arabian Horse Association National Ride. So in preparation for the ride, and since we have new members of the club , we helped with a one day ride, The April Fools Tough Sucker. We had 8 individuals help out, for some it was the first time doing a ride. The radio amateurs were: Rob, KK7ZI, Alan, W7ADM and his daughter, John, NO6Z, Jim, N7YJK, Bob, W7RLS, Mike, KC5KKX, Deb, KE7TMF, and John, KD7HGS.

We did have our challenges though. The bridge to the ranch house was flooded. John Teeter dumped about 10 loads of dirt on the bridge so people could drive or walk across. We drove around the back of the house and were able to get close to our work area to set up. We kept the set up to a minimum - one radio, one power supply and a two meter amp. We used the preamp on the amplifier but didn't have to use the 80 watts the amplifier has. We were closer to the hill for the antenna and we didn't have much problem setting it up.

Above: John (KD7HGS ) runs the "basic base" station for the one day event.

Above: Dr. Robert Washington, our equine veterinarian, checks the gait and appearance or a contestant's horse. The saying is true...the riders take better care of the horses than they do themselves!

Above: John Teeter (in the middle), the ranch owner, takes a well deserved break at the timekeeper's table. John put in a lot of hours keeping things running smoothly for this event.

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