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Link of the Week Part I

YouTube is chock full of interesting things. There are literally thousands of items related to amateur radio that will amuse, thrill and educate you to what is going on out there in radio land. That's what this page is all about. During the coming year we will be publishing links to things of interest about once a week. Keep checking back to see what comes next. You never know where we might take you ....


1. The first link. This is where amateur radio begins:

2. The new year always starts out this way:

3. Just who are these 'ham' guys, anyway?

4. Reaching out to those passing by:

5. Ham Nation. Hey, these guys look familiar!

6. Listen for something different:

7. Try something different:

8. Take it out and play with it:

9. Come over to the dark side. Don't be afraid:

10. PC meet radio. Radio meet PC:

11. Who needs a go box? Do something different:

12. Bunch of old goats getting high:

13. Have wire? Can build:   ////

14. It's supper time. Better call Jimmy:

15. Open in winter. Even Technicians can play here:

16. Is there anybody out there? Hello? Anybody?

17. Welcome back to the dark side. Let us take you deeper:

18. And you thought APRS only worked on cars and horses:

19. An easy, low-cost 2M/70CM vertical:

 20. And we thought doing their comms was confusing:   ///

21. So, when will K7SI do a SOTA attempt? HMMM?

22. Play nice on the air or suffer the consequences:

23. Hmmm... the voice behind the camera is VERY familiar:

24. How about some DX. Really long path DX:

25. Who says the HF guys get to have all the fun:

26. Be different. Take your act on the road:

27. Eventually, you gotta charge the batteries:

28. See. It isn't that hard. Anybody can learn how:

29. A project anyone can build and enjoy:

 30. Got NVIS?

31. High frequency. REALLY high frequency:

32. Ten-Ten from lightship Columbia:

33. In Oz-land they have a VHF/UHF Field Day:

34. Got a Chinese radio? You need this tutorial:

 35. Email over radio. We should all have this and use it:

36. "When all else fails..." even the FCC calls on us:

37. Didn't Marconi invent radio? Well, no, not exactly:

38. This is ham radio:

39. Happy 100th birthday everybody!

40. Our favorite Amateur Radio video. We miss you Walter!

41. The most useful piece of gear you don't have:

42. This is one of many ways to use it:

43. Broadband data on UHF? Just maybe...

44. Have some Raspberry Pi... a PC in the palm of your hand:

45. Josh Tolley gets it. (podcast audio):

46.  Doing the 7-Land QSO party Oregon style. Three counties. One location. (and we worked them,too as I recall) :

47. Building the classic "Copper Cactus" antenna:

48. Ham radio hiking gear:

49. Mobile apps for ham radio:

50. Building the legendary "Slinky" antenna:

51. It only works if you have power. Got backup? Tested it lately?

52. There you have it. A whole year of ham radio on one page. Are you inspired yet?

      You have the license. You have the gear. Now get out there and do something worthwhile with it! 


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