Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

The 2015 7 Land QSO Party was again held at the Cottonwood Campground at C.J. Strike. We had 7 Club Members and two spouses there for the QSO Party and some good food to go along with it. The club members there were: Bob, W7RLS, Nancy, KF5WQJ, Craig, KD5ODQ, Bill, KD7FDW, Jim, N7YJK, Deb, KE7TMF, and John, KD7HGS. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.

Bob, W7RLS, helping Jim, N7YJK, with his setup

 Nancy, KF5WQJ,  had a new radio, a FT-857, and auto tuning antenna so she was busy putting it together and learning to use the setup. I am not sure if she made any contacts but John, KD7HGS, borrowed her antenna and made 22 digital contacts with it.  

Because the weather was nice and warm, we decided to use the popups for our "tent" this year. So two 10x10 popups were set up and secured together to have a large working area. The only issue is the sun lights up the inside so we had to put a trap to block the sunlight so we could see our computer screens. 

As is getting to be our usual practice, we had a group dinner Saturday evening. Everyone brought their own main dish and something to share with other people. Since it was also Craig's birthday, we had the obligatory cake and ice cream for dessert. Thanks Craig for the Birthday Party. 

Below: There was a full moon so we had a beautiful moon rise while were setting around the campfire.

Nancy, Craig, Bill, Bob, and Jim working radios trying to make contacts. Bob spent a lot of time helping Jim get his setup running so he could make contacts.

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