Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Our crowded work area. The operators are: John, NO6Z, Steve, WB7VEQ, Craig, KD5ODQ, Bob, W7RLS, John, KD7HGS, and John, KJ7YY. Not shown is Nancy, KF5WQJ. We had 102 contacts and a claimed score of 5145. However, we discovered we were about 400 feet from the Owyhee county line so it decided to work two counties which should double our score. It will be several months before we get the official results from the contest.

John, KJ7YY, trying to find a station to pounce on at 7 Lands.

John, KD7HGS, working digital PSK31 contacts. He had a mini pileup late Saturday night.

John, NO6Z, worked CW for the contest. He had good luck making contacts.

Bob, W7RLS, making some notes on his laptop. He worked voice durng the contest.

Both Friday night, before the contest, and Saturday night we had some thunderstorms. Friday night was the worst but it made for a bueatiful sunset.

Craig, KD5ODQ, checking his notes before starting the contest.

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