Snake River Amateur Radio Club     Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

     What's Happening at             a glance:



         The weekly net:


Tuesday evening 8:00pm on:

           147.200 PL 100


          147.360 PL100





 Net Controls this month:         


6/27 John, NO6Z  

7/4 Bob, W7RLS

7/11 Craig, KD5ODQ  

7/18 Lynn, N7QLA   



           Next club activity:

           ARRL Field Day

             June 24 - 25

     We will be at the Rivers           Edge RV Park



     Next Ham Testing Date:

Ham testing is on hold during the summer months of June, July, and August. If you need to test contact Jeremy at:



            9am -11am

       300 W. Railroad St. 

              Nampa, Id. 

     (In the FireSafe house)  














     Questions, comments,   complaints or submissions    for the website may be sent     to us at:























        Latest site update:

             June 21, 2017







                                  Important Notice!

Until further notice the 147.200 repeater will be offline due to a catastrophic transmitter failure. Because of winter weather conditions limiting access the repeater will not be repaired until late spring, when the owners plan to install a new digital/analog repeater in place of the old one. In the mean time, all net and club repeater activity will be shifted to the 147.360 repeater.




     The next club meeting is July  19, 2017                         See you there!


    Club meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at :

       Sunrise Cafe, 2601 Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell.  


Meetings start at 7:00 pm, with Board meetings at 6:30pm prior to the general meeting.  



                Here's a look at what we

                    have been doing:



















 Field Day, 2016. The operators are: John, KD7HGS, Bill, KD7FDW, and Bob, W7RLS. John, NO6Z, has his back to us in the back of the pop up.

See the write up on the "Current Events" page for more in formation.




               We Have a New Page!

Check out our new "Tech TV" page by clicking the tab above. If you like the techy-geeky world of how-to fix or build electronic stuff, or just want to learn a little about it, this is the page for you!


Ham  License Testing    

Testing for all classes of license will be the third Saturday of each month at 300 W. Railroad in Nampa.  Testing begins at 9am.     View Map  

If upgrading to General or Extra bring your original license, a copy of your license, two forms of ID, (one with a picture), and $14 cash for the testing fee. 

If taking your Tech Class license, bring two forms of ID (one with a picture) and $14 cash.   

For more information contact Jeremy, KB7QOA at: 208-800-0100 or email to Jeremy at:




Club T-shirts!  

Club T-shirts!Club T-shirts are available from this site or any club meetings.  $12.50 per shirt.  Contact the webmaster or for more information. 

We are looking at ordering some more T-Shirts and/or hoody sweatshirts. If you are interested in ordering one or more please contact Steve, WB7VEQ at:



ClubBy-Laws and Constitution   

Club By-Laws and Constitution are available to all club members.  Please email the webmaster for a copy, or email SRARC at our email address below.   This will save paper and ink by letting us send these documents by email to members who would like a copy.

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