Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

           Annual Christmas Party December 19th

Our annual Christmas party will be held during the regular December club meeting on December 19th. This is always a "white elephant" gift party, so feel free to dig through your junk box, ham shack or garage and box up some ham radio related piece"classic" radio equipment, wrap it in fancy paper and bring it as a gift. The Christmas party is always a hoot. You never know what will be in the gift you pick out of the anonymous pile. It could be a broken meter, a dead power supply, a good book, or even a new handheld. And if it's something really good there will be a lot of shenanigins as people plot to steal, wheedle or trade things to get their hands on it.

   And there will be a more serious side to the event as we vote to add three new board members for the coming new year. So come on down, eat supper, cast your votes and enjoy the party. It's gonna be a good'un.

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