Snake River Amateur Radio Club    (SRARC)

                     ARRL Field Day

   The ARRL Field Day is June 23 - 24 and once again we will be at the Rivers Edge RV Park. The Park is about a mile or so south of Wilder off of Highway 95 at the far west end of Lower Pleasant Ridge Road (See the map link below). Several of us will be going down Thursday afternoon to setup "camp" and get organized for the event. As usual, we will have lots of food for everyone.

   The ARRL Summer Field Day is our principal event of the year. Many of us will turn a 2 day event into a four day weekend ( you can do that if you're an old retired ham like us). The club's operating mode is always QRP. That means a maximum of 5 watts output, along with running off of batteries only, with solar power for charging. That's right... we intend to compete against 40,000 high power stations using only enough power to light a flashlight. Are you up to the challenge? What's da matter, kid...are ya scared?

Come on down and watch the chaos of a QRP Field Day. You won't want to miss this one!


The URL for the park is:  http://www.riversedge-rv.com/


The map URL is: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rivers+Edge+RV+Park/@43.7390351



If the URL doesn't work, you can find us pinned on the ARRL Field Day Locator map here:


Both club members  and non-members are invited to come down and join the fun. We usually have a lot to eat for lunch and dinner. (We have some of the best cast iron cooks anywhere!)

I am sure there will be several dutch ovens set up (yep!). And maybe a couple of grills, too. (Yep.That, too!)


Hope to see you there.

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