Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

     What's Happening at             a glance:



         The weekly net:


Tuesday evening 8:00pm on:

           147.200 PL 100


          147.360 PL100





            Net Controls              this month:           

11/26 John, NO6Z

12/3   Bob, W7RLS

12/10 Craig, KD5ODQ

12/17 Rick, KE7PNW



        Next club activity:

       "White Elephant"         Christmas party 

           Dec. 18th

     See more info on the    "Current Events" page




    Next Ham Testing Date

            Dec. 21, 2019

             9am -11am

       300 W. Railroad St. 

              Nampa, Id. 







     Questions, comments,   complaints or submissions    for the website may be sent   to us at:






























      Latest site update:

          Nov.20, 2019










         The next club meeting is Dec.18th

                           See you there!


          Club meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at :

            Sunrise Cafe, 2601 Cleveland Blvd in Caldwell.  



            Meetings start at 7:00 pm, with Board meetings at 6:30 pm prior to

            the general meeting.    



    Somebody always complains that we put up too many cute cat pics during the holidays.

                        So, in the interest of fairness we decided to put up a cute puppy pic:

                                       Merry Christmas everyone! See you at the party.                     





















Our next (and final) event of the year will be the club annual Christmas party during the regular club meeting on Dec. 18th.                   


 See the "current events" page for details


Ham  License Testing    

                              HAM TESTING:

Testing for all classes of license will be the third Saturday of each month at 300 W. Railroad in Nampa.  Testing begins at 9am.                                                                        View Map  


If upgrading to General or Extra bring your original license, a copy of your license, two forms of ID, (one with a picture). Cost is $14, credit cards are accepted for an additional $1 fee.

Please pre-register by visiting:

Please direct any questions to Jeremy Hall KB7QOA at 208-800-0100 or email Jeremy at kb7qoa@


                                          CLUB T-SHIRTS:

     We are in the process of ordering some more T-Shirts and/or hoody sweatshirts. Cost will be in the neighborhood of $10-$15, depending on what you order. If you are interested in ordering one or more please contact Steve, WB7VEQ at:




                     Club By-Laws and Constitution   

Club By-Laws and Constitution are available to all club members.  Please email the webmaster for a copy, or email SRARC at our email address below.   This will save paper and ink by letting us send these documents by email to members who would like a copy.

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