Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13




              Annual Christmas and white elephant gift party!!

     December 21st 4-7 PM at Sunrise Cafe in Caldwell


   Every year at the December club meeting we have our Christmas party. There will be a "white elephant" gift exchange as well as door prizes and an always interesting "mystery box" in a plain brown box that may, or may not, have an Amazon label on it.

   For a white elephant gift exchange you find some old, tired, worn out, trashy, junk..... uh "vintage" item in your ham shack or closet, dump it in a box and wrap it nicely. This will go into a pile with all the other vintage items and everyone will get the chance to pick out a box of their own choosing.

   During the process each person will have the option of "stealing" someone else's vintage item, taking the mystery box, or taking something from the pile on the table. Deals will be made. Shenannigens will occur, and chaos will ensue. In other words, we will be having a great time. See y'all there!




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