Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Craig, KD5ODQ, listening for a possible contact.

Jim, W7TF, trying his hand with a voice contact. While mainly  doing CW, Jim did make several voice contacts.

Side note: Jim has been using CW for over fifty years now, learning his trade as a US Army radio operator copying five letter code groups all day back in the 60's. Between Jim and John, NO6Z, we had more than 120 years of CW experience at the table this year!

Relaxation time. Several hams visiting Saturday afternoon. Left to right: Lynn, N7QLA;

Dean, KC7ULX; Rick, KE7PNW; Don, KC7U; and standing, Tony, KI7TMZ.

The best part of Field Day - FOOD

Yes, the best part of Field Day is the GREAT food we have. We have several Dutch Oven cooks in the club and they do a great job of feeding us. Above, two Dutch Ovens are being used to cook ribs. The one in the middle has a blueberry lemon cake. Yum! Steve, WB7VEQ, with his back to the camera, is working on his contribution for dinner. (Cowboy baked beans.)

Bob, W7RLS, working on dinner. Notice we use a seperate popup as a cooking area.

 Below: The whole crew eating. During this tme no contacts where made, we are enjoying the good food (life is all about having your priorities straight).

We are already scheming up plans for next year's Field Day. You might even see us "almost live" in a YouTube video (assuming one of us can remember how to use a video editor.)

Stay tuned. The journey continues...

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