Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

^^^ We have learned that the easiest way to set up our "White House" tent is to lay the pieces out on the ground in the approximate place where they will be used. It makes things go way faster.

^^^ After the tent goes up some people need a rest (No, he didn't spill his drink. Don, KC7U is a man of many talents. :-)

^^^ This time we had a nice, shady place for the tent so sunglasses were not required inside. Jim, W7TF, at front, running CW on 20 meters. 20WPM with a strait key and not breaking a sweat.

^^^ Craig, KD5ODQ in front, and Steve, WB7VEQ at the back, working hard to make us heard above the S8-S9 noise level. Band conditions during the day were not good for our little 5 watt QRP signal.

^^^ John, KD7HGS , working FT8 into the noise. FT8 is usually good in noisy conditions, but he had a rough time with it and only made about 27 contacts.

^^^This is Bob, W7RLS's station. There is quite a lot going on at this table. He has the station set up for CW with a strait key that would be used by Jim, W7TF, to make  more than 20 contacts. Power for the IC-706 comes from 200 watts of solar feeding the power station at the left, which in turn feeds a 110v smart charger that keeps the batteries topped off. Jim is powered by the Diet Coke and Deb, KE7TMF's butter and spice pretzels.

^^^ This is the station of Rick, KE7PNW, who used it to good effect. He must have a really big 5 watt signal to need that massive antenna tuner for the IC-706!

^^^ In my opinion, shared by most, the star of the show for the weekend was Craig, KD5ODQ's smoked brisket. He cooked a whole 15 lb brisket for about 12 hours so we could have it for dinner. I don't know if it was on purpose, but he had the smoker upwind of the group camp and field tent. we were forced to smell it cooking all day. Cruel, Craig...Very Cruel.


In the end, we didn't post a great score due to conditions, somewhere around 1900 points, but that wasn't the point. We had a great weekend outdoors in a new place, enjoyed the company, ate like royalty and went home worn out and happy. You can't ask for more than that. We hope to see all of you there again next year for round two. 73!

              Field Day 2023




This year we held our ARRL Field Day event at a new location: Snake River RV Resort in Homedale, Idaho. This is a modern, lovely place with plenty of shade, grass and room to set up equipment. The management of the park helped us with everything we needed to ensure a successful event (and they gave us a discount, too).


^^^ Of course, no K7SI field event would be complete without a great supper. Home made dinner rolls, several varieties of salad and veggies, and a blackberry cobbler keeping warm in the dutch oven.

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