Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Winter Field Day, 2016, was January 30 - 31 and was held at the Nampa Fire Training Center. Three operators participated : Bob, W7RLS, Steve, WB7VEQ, and John, KD7HGS. Link, N3VHJ, was there but did not operate. We had several visitors, including Jason, KD7LWR,  and his son Emmett, and John, KJ7YY. Deb, KE7TMF, was there for both days but did not operate. The band conditions were poor and it was difficult to make contacts. We made a total of 32 contact: 20 on SSB phone, and 12 PSK31. for a total claimed score 2217.  As usual, dispite the poor conditions, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves while working the radios.

Steve, WB7VEQ, taking some time out from working the radio.

Bob, W7RLS, station. Where is he? Oh, there he is getting food. Lunch in a bag.

John, KD7HGS, trying to make PSK313 contacts. Turned out he had some reports of distroted and deformed text so had a hard time making contacts. Now he has to find out what went wrong - was it the computer or radio? Time will tell.

The Three Amigos. John, KD7HGS, Steve, WB7VEQ, and Bob, W7RLS.

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