Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Four of  the operators: Bob, W7RLS; Steve, WB7VEQ; John, KD7HGS; and Tony, KI7TMZ.

^^^ Since the Fire Department won't let us drill holes in the wall, we ran our cables and extension cord through the window. We seal the window with duct tape and a towel.

<<< Generator set up. Simple but it works well. One 2000 watt unit will run all of our radio and computer gear. We can hook up two of them in parallel if necessary.

<<< This is Steve,WB7VEQ's vertical antenna. Notice it is on a drive on antenna stand. Since antenna space is limited at the training center, we had several vertical antennas spread out as much as possible, and one dipole strung between two trees.

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