Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

On Sept.17 Bob, W7RLS, Steve, WB7VEQ, and John, KD7HGS, met with Jay, KD7LXW, to help put the antenna back up for the 147.20 repeater. It was taken down for repairs and the repeater radio was using the antenna for the 220 repeater up there. We succeeded in placing the antenna on the tower but it still has issues and will be replaced with a new antenna in the near future. 

The building the repeater sits in. It is nice and dry, has both battery andgenerator backup, and is privately owned.

The cabinent that holds both the 147.20 repeater and the 224.88 repeater.

It sure is a beautiful view from up there. We want to thank Jay and the Western Idaho Repeater Association for use of the repeater and for maintaining it. Thanks Jay.

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