Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

        Club Christmas Party 2021

   This year's club Christmas party was held at the Jade Garden restaurant right after the formal meeting adjourned. We followed our now traditional "white elephant gift" format where each person brings a wrapped, unmarked gift consisting of some type of radio related item that they had hanging around on their desk or in the junk box. It might be anything, and usually is, from a new radio, to an old set of computer speakers (which have been passed around for about the last ten years or so, I think. Those speakers seem to live longer than a fruitcake).


^^^ Dinner is served. There are some very shifty looking faces in this crowd...

^^^ Hmm... it looks like Paul, AB7XM standing at the left, is attempting to influence Deb KE7TMF, our ticket manager, into picking his number. Or not. Steve, WB7VEQ and John, KD7HGS, on the left side of the table, seem to be shoveling leftovers into containers for sneaking out after the party. Told ya there were some shifty folks around here.

^^^ Somewhere in there is bound to be some old computer speakers. And at least one real radio. Choose wisely.

^^^ Well, it looks like Tony, KI7TMZ, found the radio. It remains to be seen whether it works or not. One never knows about these things when white elephants are involved.

^^^ At the end of the night, Kathy, KE7HBR, won the big door prize: A Toshiba mini laptop complete with AC and DC power cables, installed Ham radio software, and a carrying case. Congratulations!

   For some reason a lot of the pictures of this evening were too blurry to use, but we hope you got the idea that this is one of the best events we have all year. Please come down and help us make it even better next year. We'll be looking for you. Just don't bring any computer speakers, eh? :-)

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