Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

     Christmas Party 2022


   Where did the year go? It's Christmas time again already and it seems like Winter Field Day was just last month.

   As usual, we had our annual Christmas party at the end of the regular monthly club meeting. Unfortunately, through a scheduling mixup, we ended up getting shuttled into a back room that was totally unsuited for what we were doing, but we made do.

^^ It was kinda crowded, and for some reason this camera isn't focusing as it should. Grr...

^^ Several familiar faces that we hadn't seen in ages popped in to say hello. Good ta see ya Jim! (W7TF)

^^ There's a lot of elephants on that table. Good thing it has strong legs!

^^ Not exactly the best room in the house, but I guarantee that everybody had a good time, ate too mutch, and went home happy. Pretty much like all of our events turn out. We hope to see everyone again next year. 73!

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