Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

            Tech Day II 2020


   This was our first Tech Day at the Caldwell airport in awhile and it didn't disappoint. Their facilities are clean, bright and just what we needed on this cold, windy morning.



^^ we generally feature 'tech' stuff on Tech Days, but for some reason, this time, Bob W7RLS, was the only one doing any soldering. Here, he is soldering a PL-259 plug onto some coax for Rick, KE7PNW.

^^ It looks like Fred, KI7BCL is downloading software for the upcoming 7Lands QSO party on the left, while monitoring FT-8 on the right.

^^ Yep. Not a soldering iron in sight. John, KD7HGS on the left and Steve, WB7VEQ in the middle, are downloading Linux software for John's laptop.

^^ Apparently, the Linux download was successful. Either that or the "additives" in the coffee are kicking in...

 ^^ John, KD7HGS trying to connect up with our Starlink router on the left monitor. The right on shows that his Linux download is moving along.

   Every time we bring the Starlink setup to a club event it seems like everyone eventually migrates to downloading software and updates. It sure is convenient to have it around. Thanks Elon! :-)

^^ It looks like the thing to do if your downloads are done is to start monitoring HF through the Starlink using an online SDR program. That looks like fun.

   When it was all done and dusted, everybody acomplished what they needed for the day. It might have turned into a digital software day, but everyone went away happy. Gotta love that Starlink! If you have never seen/used Starlink, feel free to come down to any club event and we will have it set up for everyone to use. All that and donuts, too! 73!


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