Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

^^ At least we know help is nearby if needed this weekend!

^^ John, KD7HGS, is getting a headache trying to figure out how to route all the CAT-5 cables from the operating stations to the server. This was an experiment to see if using 'hardline' instead of wi-fi would give us a better linkup.

^^ One of the nicest things about using the fire station for events is the huge amount of space available for RV's and antennas.

^^ More RV's and antennas. We had to park a pickup across the driveway to keep people from driving over the coax on the ground. Apparently, to some folks a bunch of orange cones across the driveway means "drive through here."

^^ Finally, for those of us who stayed late to setup equipment, dinner is served. Just an easy meal of "Mystery Meat Chili" with garlic bread. It sure did hit the spot after a long day.

^^ It's contest time! Rick, KE7PNW, works phone on 40 Meters.

^^ Left: John, KD7HGS runs PSK 31 on 20 Meters. Back: Craig, KD5ODQ, also on 20 meter phone, waits for the 'local interference' to stop.

^^ Steve, WB7VEQ, making chainsaw noises while "listening intently" for contacts.

^^ Bob, W7RLS, is on the Starlink internet system looking for important radio-related information... or more likely watching cat videos onYouTube.

^^ Later in the evening the wind picked up, causing dinner to be much later than planned. Nevertheless, the dutch oven cherry pineapple upside down cake, roasted pork loin (in three flavors!) baked potatoes and side dishes were great.

   The wind kept getting worse as the evening progressed, until it became a full-fledged wind storm, with gusts up to 60 mph! It tore up a lot of our outside equipment, including antennas, tables and anything not nailed down.

FEED THE PIG! This little guy showed up for the weekend. He eats coins. He has a big appetite, so we need to feed him often. So, if you see his smiling face at an event, please feed him some small change. Its just another way you can help the club pay for coffee and donuts. 

The next event is coming soon. See you there!

        Idaho QSO Party 2022

This year the annual Idaho QSO party was held at the Wilder Fire Station. With all the available locations we can use for events changing their hours or closing down to the pandemic, this has become our fallback spot. And it is a wonderful place to work out of.


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