Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

                                 Idaho QSO Party


The Idaho QSO Party was held March 10-11. We had a good turnout and, considering the band conditions, didn't do too bad. We had a claimed score of 3380 and 71 contacts, 130 QSO ponts and 26 mulitpliers. We worked as a multi-county station working in both Canyon County and Owyhee County.Most of the contacts were CW and Digital, accounting for 68% of the contacts.


Our tent. It was a little crowded in it with five setups and tables. The five main operators were Bob, W&RLS, Steve, WB7VEQ,Craig, KD5ODQ, Alan, W7ADM, and John, KD7HGS. 

 As usual, we had great food. Here Bob, W7RLS fixed deep fried catfish, cod, and fries. No one was hungry after lunch.


Thanks Bob, W7RLS, and Steve, WB7VEQ, for the good food.

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