Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

 Tech Day I- Feb. 19,2022

  Our first Tech Day of the year was held at the Wilder Fire Station on Feb. 19th. This was a general 'solder and fix' day where just about anything might get done.


^^ It generally takes most of the first hour to get the coffee, donuts, and equipment set up and going.

^^ Wait a minute... I thought this was supposed to be technical work? John, KD7HGS is making reservations for Summer Field Day already?

^^ Fred, KI7BCL brought his whole HF station and set it up to tweak his FT8 software.

^^ Tony, KI7TMZ helping Rick, KE7PNW (left) update software on his laptop. Not only is Tony our Secretary/Treasurer, but he is also out IT specialist.

^^ Always nice to have enough parts, pieces and soldering gear to get things done.

^^ DUCK! Steve, WB7VEQ just missed getting a coax headband while taking apart a Yaesu FT 840 to repair a jammed VFO dial.

^^ I always thought the VFO on these things was easy to access. Guess I was wrong.

^^ All in all, everything went well. The repairs, updates, tweaks and donuts all got taken care of and we ended up getting reservations for Summer Field Day, too! You just never know what will happen at a Tech Day. Come join us for the next one on April 23rd at the Caldwell airport. See the "Current Events" page for more details. 73!

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