Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

   7 Land QSO Party 2022


This year's 7 Land QSO Party was held at the Idaho Power Locust Campground, just downstream of the C. J. Strike dam on the Snake River in Grandview, Id.

   It's been a couple of years since we've had an event at this location, but we found it to be just as nice as it has been in the past. This year our operators were Rick, KE7PNW, John, KD7HGS, Bob, W7RLS, Tony, KI7TMZ and Steve, WB7VEQ.


^^ Since our group was so small, we decided to put up two 10x10 pop-up shelters and tie them together instead of trying to put up the big white tent.

^^ Home, sweet home. Nice and snug. Good thing too, as it rained and stormed on and off all weekend.

^^ From L to R: Steve, WB7VEQ on phone, Rick, KE7PNW also on phone, and John, KD7HGS in the back corner operating PSK 31 and a bit of FT8. As has been the norm for the last few years, band conditions were pretty bad, but we persevered.

^^ Notice the heavy jackets. It was a cold, windy and wet weekend. John is sending CQ's on PSK31.

^^ Rick trying to squeeze out another 40 Meter phone contact. In spite of the poor conditions. we did pretty well. In fact, Snake River ARC took First Place in both Elmore and Owyhee counties in this event!

^^ We mentioned the icky weather before, but this just shows that "when it rains it pours" is very true. Even when the sun finally comes out, it still pours, thanks to the friendly farmer on the other side of the fence who thought it would be a good time to turn on his sprinklers... right through Bob and Steve's camp sites.

   We had a great time doing this event, took first place in two counties, ate well as always, and got a good shower to boot. We will most likely return here for next year's event, so plan now to come down and join us for the good times. (P.S. Bring your rain gear. You may need it!) 73 everybody!

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