Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

                   Tech Day IV

Our fourth Tech Day of the year was held at KC7U's "Barndominium" shop. Lots of space, tools and a big wood stove. What else do we need?

Oh yes... the donuts and coffee. Check. We also set up the portable Starlink internet system to give everybody high speed internet for the event.


^^^ Initial setup. Things aren't busy yet, but the coffee is going on the back table. Priorities first.

^^^ Fred, KI7BCL, gets his field radio set up to work some digital stuff. I think he was learning to use FT8.

^^^ John, KD7HGS and Rick, KE7PNW set up the club 5BTV antenna to give it some much needed maintenance.

^^^ Bob, W7RLS and Craig, KD5ODQ, make up some four-way Anderson Power Pole splitters. Always handy to have around in the field.

^^^ Bill, KE7FDW, arrived late and watches everyone else working on their projects. This is the leadership style learned at West Point. OOHRAH!  :-) (Just kidding . Bill is a brilliant engineer and retired Army officer who got his degree at the USMA)

^^^ At last things start to wind down and gear gets put away. Lots of projects got done. People learned new things. The conversation around the wood stove was great. Thanks Don, for letting us use your space.We all look forward to the next one. See y'all there. 73!

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