Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

Two popups together makes a lot of space as shown by the next several pictures.

We  had two operators on each side. Here we have John, KD7HGS, Steve, WB7VEQ, at their work stations, and Bob, W7RLS, sitting next to Steve. 

On the other side of the working area are John, NO6Z, and Bob, W7RLS.

Our kitchen set up. Several stoves, griddles, and tables. All used to feed the hungry operators. As usual, we had more than enough food and no one was hungry.

 We had several visitors on Saturday. Rick, KE7PNW, and Toni, KI7TMZ, came down for the day, here visiting with John, NO6Z, and Steve, WB7VEQ. John, NO6Z, came down early in the morning and setup his work station. He couldn't stay the night but did an excellent job with CW for us.

                    7 Land QSO Party for 2018

Again, we were at the Riversedge RV Park south of Wilder. We set up two popups  for our working area and a single popup for our kitchen. we Had four operators, Bob, W7RLS, John, NO6Z, Steve, WB7VEQ, and John, KD7HGS. For us, the bands were poor with only 20 meters open during the day and  40 meters at night. dispite the poor conditions we had a claimed score of 11,300, half of that the result of being on a county line.


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