Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

          Tech Day I 2023


Our first Tech Day of 2023 is in the bag. We did soldering, we made about 150 feet ofCAT-5 cables, we ate too much, enjoyed the company, and for the first time in years we had a license testing session.



^^ Depending in when you showed up, there were between 12 and 20 people present. A lot of them were there for the long-awaited Ham testing session.

^^ How many extra class Hams does it take to wind a coil? Apparently, the answer is four. One to wind it and three to debate if he's winding it in the correct direction.

^^ Thanks to the expert help, it only takes John (KD7HGS) a few minutes to get the first job done. Just think, without help it might have taken only half as long! What John is actually doing is winding a 9:1 transformer balun for an HF antenna.

^^ Meanwhile, Tony (KI7TMZ) is busy turning several hundred feet of wire into CAT-5 cables to be used for hardwiring between the server switch and individual laptops we use for scoring during contests.

^^ While John is busy getting wound up, Bob (W7RLS) is dismantling a 40 year old Radio Shack handheld in order to replace the factory memory battery that died of old age awhile back.

^^ Craig (KD5ODQ) is working on repairing a battery pack for a handleld radio that doesn't want to charge up.

^^ SUCCESS! John gets the 9:1 transformer wound and installed in its box. Now all it needs is tested.

^^ Meanwhile, over at the testing session, Mike (KJ7QZI) at left, is explaining the rules for the session. All tests are given online using provided tablets. A big thank you goes out to Mike and Debi (KJ7QZJ) for hosting the test session. We hope to keep doing this at our Tech Days from now on.

^^ And while everyone else was busy soldering, fixing, and devestating the local donut population, Steve (WB7VEQ) and Rick (KE7PNW) were calmly sitting at a table and acting as volunteer examiners for the test session. It wasn't very exciting, but was probably the most productive thing we accomplished all day.

    Our next Tech Day will be on April 8, 2023. Be sure to join us then. We'll be waiting. 73!

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