Snake River Amateur Radio Club  

                 Canyon County, Idaho      Grid: DN13

^^^ One of the things we enjoy for events now is "Dishy McFlatface", our Starlink Satellite internet. This allows all of us to have high speed internet at nearly all of our events. It's a lifesaver on Tech Days when somebody needs to look up a Pdf manual, part number, or 'how-to' video.

^^^ This weekend was all about food and football. Saturday morning we enjoyed a pancake breakfast done by our resident camp cooks Bob and Steve. Here Steve is working on cooking hash brown patties and his special pepper jack mcmuffins. Tony, KI7TMZ on the left, waiting anxiously for breakfast.

^^^ Still waiting... Whatever he has on his phone must be really interesting.

^^^ Of course, we all ate too much for breakfast (even Tony). Right on schedule, the weather moved in and most of us retreated to our RV's for a few hours. Later in the afternoon, Steve restarts the campfire, while Bob gets tonight's supper started. What's on the grill, Bob?

^^^ Rick, KE7PNW didn't think Bob, W7RLS and Steve, WB7VEQ could figure out a way to cook asian food using cast iron. They set out to prove him wrong. Here, Bob is grilling "Char Siu", Chinese BBQ pork loin. The same stuff you get when you order pork and seeds at a restaurant.

^^^ See. Asian cast iron style. Bottom to top: chicken fried rice, Japanese teriyaki chicken, Chinese orange chicken, the char siu BBQ, desserts, and at the top, rice cakes and fortune cookies.

^^^ As you can see, all that food disappeared quick as we all watched the BSU football game. Unfortunately, BSU didn't win. But we did. Great food, great people, great time and a great weekend. See y'all next year. 73!

           Club Campout 2021  

   This year the annual club general campout was held at River's Edge park, Our favorite local place to go for events. The whole idea of the club campout is R&R. No radios, no pressure, no timelines. Just time to relax, enjoy the company, burn up a cord of firewood, eat way too much, and gather 'round the big satellite TV to watch BSU football.

             (Spoiler alert: we succeded in meeting all our goals.)



^^^ We've learned that coffee is a basic requirement for any club function. The coffee maker is always the first thing that gets set up and running. This time it was really a good thing, since Murphy decreed that the weekend we scheduled our campout would be the coldest one of the whole Summer. Brr..(Notice all the jackets, sweaters, etc.)


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